John Beck seminar Testimonial

Oct 06

John's wealth of knowledge and willingness (and eagerness!) to provide in-depth examples was great. Materials are great take home examples to supplement what we're learning in coaching sessions. The guest speakers' information and knowledge was extremely helpful, and inspiring!

Suzanne M.

I liked the materials and detailed instruction. All of the speakers were excellent.helped me to change my mindset on land. I am now looking forward to getting started.

Kathryn T.

There is so much information out there and you provided great starting points. It is important to explain the ideas and give us techniques and the freedom to develop our own techniques. I would attend another seminar.

Matthew T.

Sep 06

John is real: he cares and loves his work. He loves teaching people and wants them to be successful.

Susie L.

I found the seminar to be enlightening, and entertaining. The presentation more than covered the written materials.

Robert B

The content was great. I liked that John was honest about the turn in the market. I am most impressed and excited to continue.

Pamela B.

John's "come from" manner was refreshing because it was more than spoon feeding the information. Everything covered is in print. The info was "user friendly." The guest speaker's presentations were invaluable.
What more could one ask for?

Audrey O.

It was informative. (I liked) the open discussions on topics being taught, and the willingness of the staff to take calls or emails to answer questions and help with problems.

Creig L.

Aug 06

Good use of real life examples. The guest speaker gave great insight on Auction Set up & Process. Very easy to understand and follow through.

Linnette C.

Great information - like the "take home" book. Good reinforcement, plus it has reenergized my resolve to work this system.
Nancy L.

This seminar, I recommend everyone to join.
Rima M

Very detailed information. We learned a lot from Mr. Beck. What a depth of various information! Well thought out seminar!
Tatyama O.

I liked the user friendly deck; excellent guest speaker; John Beck's personal attention during breaks; and allowing questions throughout the presentation.

David D.

June 06

I liked everything about the seminar. I liked how Mr. Beck took the time to explain everything in detail.
Rosita S.

Wonderful... It is so exciting to be in the loop on a new market. I was impressed by all of the speakers. The overall helpfulness of the staff was wonderful. Thanks for making silly questions not seem so silly.
Amy J.

We really enjoyed the seminar. We took away so much information, that we feel even more secure about John's program. We have been in the program 7 weeks and now have 5 properties.
Kathy S.

I really liked John's presentation, and learned a lot from the guest speakers.
Jeff C.

Lots of great info- thank you!
Brett H.

It was clear, simply presented, & very inspiring! *And many thanks also to all of the helpful coaches.
Vivien C.

Jan 07

John makes the seminar very fun. I feel that you can understand John: I don't feel that he is talking down to you.
Ken Z.

I loved the wealth of information I acquired. I wish I would have attended much sooner: I would love to attend again.
Lynne P.

The information was practical and usable for the average person to succeed. I liked John Beck's down to earth approach to life and his success.
Ron S.

Amazing detail.loved the system of buying from the owners before the sale.
Michael G.

The seminar was filled with so much information and helped (me) to understand the process of buying and selling land much better.
Beverly K.

Good materials; John was very likeable and reasonable in his explanations. The coaches and staff were friendly.
Tim R.

Mr. Beck and staff are all very nice; everyone was very helpful. Mr. Beck's efforts and concerns made the process clear, and his presentation was very enjoyable.
Anna C.




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