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I am very excited to welcome you to a Special Hands-on, Highly Personal Moneymaking Real Estate Seminar conducted by myself in Las Vegas.

This seminar is designed to work in unison with your coaching package that you purchased. Please note that availability is limited.

In my seminar, here are some of the topics you will be taught:

  • LEARN how to use the Internet to PRUDENTLY buy and resale Tax Sale Real Estate for a substantial profit from your home or office.
  • LEARN effective on-line Due Diligence strategies- enabling you to use your computer and the Internet to identify the moneymaking properties (and avoid problem properties) WITHOUT having to actually visit them.
  • LEARN valuable on-line auction purchase strategies enabling you to buy the best properties at the best prices.
  • LEARN how to find a property's exact location, even if it doesn't have a physical address.
  • LEARN insider techniques used to resell properties purchased over the Internet - enabling you to double and triple your investment. Or create a substantial a monthly cash flow.
  • LEARN on-line research of County Tax sales.
  • As an added bonus, you will receive my Hands-On Seminar Workbook that reproduces every step covered during the seminar.

Hours for seminar 8:30am - 5pm each day

If you would like to register to attend one of John Beck's seminars, please call:

1-866-373-4363 ext. 3592 .

If you would like more information, please email us:

Hotel Information

Please Note: Hotel accommodations and Travel are not included as part of John Beck's Real estate Seminar. We cannot make reservations for your travel or hotel stay. Lunch and refreshments will be provided during seminar.

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